Artwork by Layla Mohamed

Artwork by Layla Mohamed


REIKI energy healing

Reiki is an incredibly relaxing holistic therapy for body, mind and spirit. Originating in Japan, Reiki refers to the Universal Energy that is present in all living things and in the atmosphere surrounding us. By encouraging the flow of this energy through your body, blockages are cleared and healing occurs where it is most needed, leaving you with a greater sense of harmony both physically and emotionally.

What can I expect from a treatment?

A Reiki treatment involves channeling energy through my hands to the main energy centres (chakras) of your body. As the recipient you are fully clothed, seated or lying down, and it can be a hands-on or hands-off treatment. You may experience sensations of warmth, tingling, subtle movement of energy within your body, some people see colours, others fall asleep. Memories and emotions may arise in order to be processed and let go of, and you may experience this for some time after the treatment as physical, emotional or energetic blockages are cleared.

Reiki also works beautifully combined with yin yoga, which is designed to bring the body’s energy channels back into balance. I can guide you through a series of yin yoga postures as part of your Reiki treatment and suggest a few for you to do at home.

My background

I became fascinated with energy healing after experiencing my first treatments in India which left me feeling realigned and recharged. After completing my Reiki 1 training with Brighitta Moser-Clark and my Reiki 2 training with Michael Kauffmann, I am now excited to be offering private treatments, distant treatments, and group healing within my yoga classes.